Friday, 7 September 2012

Artisan Beaders of Australia Blog Now Live!!!

Artisan Beaders of Australia Blog is now live and running!!! - for the first few weeks there will be a lot of updating of all of the links for our fabulous artists.  If you are listed please check your link - if you would like it linked to something else just leave a comment and let me know.  If you are not on the list, just leave me a comment as well and we will get that fixed up.

Topics that you can expect to see on the blog are listed below 

7 topics per month

Artist Interview
Supplier/Retailer Showcase/Specials
Monthly Market Roundup - what markets are you at!
Tutorial Showcase
Etsy Treasury
GBM Challenge - Winners/Challenge Inspiration
Finished Jewellery Design

Every month an image will be selected for the blog banner, this image will also be used on the ABA facebook page as well.  This months cover comes from the wonderful ceramic artisan Natalie of Peruzi

There will be opportunities for advertising which will be launched very soon as well as free advertising for those sponsoring the Glass Bead Makers Challenges.

Please check out the "Bead Shopping" - this is where you will find the latest Etsy Treasury - this will be updated every month as well.

This blog is for all to enjoy, embrace and to create an artisan community to share with the rest of the globe.

Cheers Tania

Since a blog post isn't a blog post in my view without an image - here is the lucky winner of the last GBM Challenge

Jan Cahill - GBM Challenge Winner July/August 2012


  1. Great job Tania on bringing ou local Aussie lampwork talent together. My new website is if you would like to link to it. I will try to link my blog up to here also :-)

    1. Thanks Natalie - love it - you can use the button on the left hand top (with the bird) for a side banner button if you like!

  2. Looks like an exciting new group! Who made the clay beads with the birds in the top left corner?

    1. Hi Cilla - they were also made by Natalie from Peruzi - there is a link on the side to her website